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What are Java Spring framework advantages and disadvantages?

Fouzia Bashir

The Java Spring framework is useful for developers in creating web applications. This framework also helps to make these apps more productive. It is popular among users due to the reason that it is quite easy to create enterprise-grade apps.

Java Spring

Java Spring consists of multiple tools to get numerous web app development benefits. We do not need to write lengthy codes while using it. It is beneficial because it saves us both energy and time. Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Java Spring framework.


Here are some of the advantages of Spring.

  • Flexibility: It offers flexible libraries to assist developers. Users can choose between the XML and Java-based annotations regarding configuration. IoC and DI features are also present to provide extensive functionality and features.
  • Portability: It is a portable framework because we can use the client-side in swing app business logic and server-side in web/EJB app.
  • Consistent configuration: It also helps in providing a consistent way of configuration. It offers a separate configuration for the facilitation of developers.
  • Fast delivery: It is also a reason for delivering fast startup and shutdown. It results in improved performance and makes this framework fast. Optimized execution offered by Spring is also helpful in this concern.
  • Secure: This framework offers frequent updates to make our data and apps more secure. We can also use the Spring security framework in this regard.
  • Simpler testing: Developers can perform testing with ease due to the Spring framework. It is possible due to the usage of dependency injection.
  • AOP module: Developers can attain multiple compilation units. They can also have a separate class loader.


Now, we are going to discuss the disadvantages of the Java Spring framework.

  • Fewer guidelines: There are no proper procedures in Spring documentation to deal with threats like XSS or cross-site scripting. Useful information and guidelines must be provided to cease hackers from accessing and harming your apps.
  • Complexity: It is pretty complex to work with Spring. Developers must have more relevant skills and expertise to use this framework.
  • Hard to learn: If you have no experience regarding development, it is quite difficult for you to learn Spring. It is due to the incorporation of the latest programming techniques in this framework.
  • Uses XML: We need lots of XML while developing a Spring app. It can also be problematic for developers.
  • Parallel mechanism: Developers can get multiple options. It can be helpful for developers but can also be a point of confusion. Developers can face problems in selecting the right mechanism and it results in making wrong decisions. These mistaken choices might cause major delays in developing the apps.


java spring
spring boot
java programming

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