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What are performance enhancements in Perl 5.34.0?

Sarvech Qadir

Perl is a widely used general-purpose programming language. It offers great services, including text manipulation, GUI development, and much more.

There were many enhancements from the Perl 5.32.0 release and the 5.34.0 release. Click here for a full list of differences between the two versions.

In this shot, let’s talk about the performance enhancements in Perl 5.34.0.

Performance enhancements

In the previous version, v5.32.0, there were a few enhancements made to the performance.

Those include the implementation of my_strnlen , which sped things up for existing systems that do not have a strnlen implementation of their own. Other enhancements include several methods such as grok_bin_oct_hex, grok_bin, grok_oct and grok_hex, which were also made faster. Also, the use of sort was optimized.

However, in v5.32.0, there was an issue raised for a memory leak in RegExRegEx (Regular expression) refers to the sequence of characters that are used for specifying any search pattern. by Perl users. This issue can be visualized here. In the newest Perl version v5.34.0, this memory leak issue has been resolved. This is the only issue that was resolved as performance enhancement.




Sarvech Qadir
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