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What are possible career paths in blockchain technology?


Blockchain technology is essentially about decentralization. It refers to the existence of digital transaction ledgers that are duplicated and distributed across the network of the blockchain system.

Every ledger in the record block has a copy of all possible transactions. When there is a new transaction, there is a reflection of the record on every participant’s ledger. The distributed ledger system serves as a distributed database and is known as distributed ledger technology.

It’s quite impossible to manipulate this transaction system, as every single ledger has the same copy of the transaction carried out by the system. This helps to uphold the transparency goal of blockchain technology. This also aids its use in the finance and security sectors, as there are no data manipulations on the stored ledgers.

Blockchain legal consultant

A blockchain legal consultant is someone who implements blockchain legal proceedings.

Legal consultants are concerned with legal partnerships and contracts involved in the development to the implementation of blockchain.

Blockchain technology is currently under more supervisory inspection as it finds its usefulness in several industrial areas in our current world. A legal consultant must understand every aspect of blockchain technology operations and offer legal counsel towards the implementation of the technology. To avoid any legal issue in the adoption of blockchain technology by any organization, there is a need to involve a blockchain legal consultant to help in its operations.

The blockchain legal consultant should understand the very laws that guide the technology, both on international and national grounds. Proficiency in two or three languages can be an advantage. This is a very interesting career path in blockchain and is yet to be explored by many. Few law firms are in the field at the current time.

Blockchain product designer

Product design is a current pillar in the technology industry. Product design is an iterative process carried out by product designers who use tools (Figma, illustrator, sketch, etc.) to be able to incorporate the solution of the users on the product being developed.

In the blockchain industry, the designer must have a good understanding of the blockchain process and design products that meet the needs of the customer. Understanding the latest technologies, product components, creativity, and having some expertise in blockchain system design is important in this career path.

Blockchain product designers are foremost in the blockchain development process, as they help design the product before the developers and other members of the team get involved in the building process.

Blockchain project manager

Project managers are professionals who have previously been in a supervisory role of several developed blockchain projects. They are the middle personnel for the designers, developers, and every team member involved in the development process, as they help in the facilitation of the project from the beginning to the end.

Project managers are front-line workers, as they stand in the innovative line of project development. They have a wealth of experience that they put into use in the development of new products and keeping up with evolving demands in the technology of product management.

Product managers are in high demand due to their wealth of experience and their ability to create innovative products from the latest available technologies. The product managers in blockchain technology oversee the development process of blockchain products, assign duties to team members, and inspect their deliverables to ensure it meets the actual product specification for the product being developed.

Blockchain journalist/writer

A blockchain writer/ journalist specializes in writing blockchain articles, documentation, and product descriptions. These writers are aware of the latest trend of technology in the blockchain ecosystem.

Blockchain writers can write for their companies or engage in research on modern technology in regards to blockchain. For example, some cryptocurrency companies have writers who write their Initial Coin Offering (I.C.O) papers and cryptocurrency-related articles.

Blockchain technology writers must understand their niche well enough to make credible content for their products and companies.

Blockchain developer

Blockchain developers are programmers who create applications for blockchain products. Most blockchain developers are full-stack developers and have good experience developing applications.

The developer space in blockchain technology is rather in demand at the moment due to the recent rise of blockchain technology. A lot of opportunities have been made available and have actually created a lot of interest for several programmers to venture into this field.

Blockchain developers work to develop smart contracts and make blockchain possible for applications in businesses, finances, and every other area of the needed application. They help normal users make use of blockchain technology by building useful products to aid their day-to-day living. Most developers are proficient with several programming languages like C++, Python, JavaScript, Java, .NET, etc.


Blockchain technology is one of the immense possibilities where the potential is not yet fully explored. Hopefully, blockchain technology evolves in the near future and creates even more possible career paths.



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