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What are ref locals and ref returns in C#?

Hammad Nasir


In C#, a reference of a value can be returned, and such return values can also be stored inside a variable by the caller. The former characteristic is called ref return and the latter is called ref local.

Ref return

Ref return allows the function to return a reference value, rather than a copy of the value itself, to the caller.


ref dataType functionName() {
  return ref variableName;

Notice that the return type of the function is specified by dataType; however, it is prepended by the ref keyword. Moreover, in order to return a reference, we need to specify the ref keyword in the return statement as well.


  • The scope of variableName must be accessible to functionName.
  • The scope of variableName must persist inside the caller of functionName.
  • The ref keyword cannot be used with a function that has the return type void.

Ref local

Ref local allows the declaration of a variable that can store a reference to another variable. Usually, ref local is used in conjunction with ref return, as it allows the reference value that is returned to be stored inside a local variable.


ref dataType variableName = someReference

Here, variableName is a reference variable of type dataType that can store a reference inside. someReference can be a return value from a function call, or it can be any other variable. We need to prepend the value by the ref keyword like so: ref otherVariableName or ref functionName().


class HelloWorld {
    static ref int getLastInt(int[] array) {
        return ref array[array.Length - 1];
    static void Main() {
        int[] nums = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5};

        ref int lastNum = ref getLastInt(nums);

        System.Console.WriteLine("Last Number:");

Output is as follows:

Last Number:

In the example above, the getLastInt function takes an int array and returns a reference to the last element. We pass our nums array and store the returned reference value in the lastNum variable and then print it.




Hammad Nasir
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