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What are software engineering reviews?

Buchiredddypalli Koushik

Software reviews

Software reviews are an essential part of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

A software review is a task in which a group of people tries to resolve the errors and defects in particular software.

Reviews play an important role in developing any software model.

Objectives of a software review

  • We can use software reviews to discover the expectations that clients have from us.
  • We can use them to identify and eliminate any errors and defects in the software.
  • We can utilize them to reduce the gap between the clients’ demands and the developer’s supply of products.
Process of software review

Types of software reviews

There are three types of software reviews:

  • Software peer reviews
  • Software management reviews
  • Software audit reviews

Software peer review

Generally, a software peer review is performed to detect any errors in the software and correct them. The quality of the software is also checked during this process.

A peer review may be categorized as:

  • Code review: In this type of software peer review, the written code is scrutinized to detect any possible errors.

  • Pair programming: In this type of peer review, two developers work on the same code and develop it.

  • Walkthrough: In this type of peer review, the senior-most members guide the development team to work and correct errors and/or defects in the software.

  • Technical review: In this type of peer review, the senior-most members of the team test the products and give their feedback on them.

  • Inspection: In this type of peer review, the inspection process is carried out step by step to find any possible errors in the software.

Software management review

The software management review process involves a team of reviewers checking the status of the work that is performed by developers.

Advantages of a software management review

  • A software management review helps us check the status of the work.

  • We can use this type of review to see whether the project is up-to-date or not.

Software audit review

Software audit reviews are reviewed in which people from the development team participate in discussions and suggest ideas for the project. They also try to create solutions for any errors that they encounter in the software under discussion.

Advantages of a software audit review

  • We can use software reviews to detect errors at an early stage of the software’s development.

  • Software reviews help us save time, in cases where an error is detected at an early stage of the software’s development process.

  • We can use software reviews to discover what the client’s expectations are from the developers.




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