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What are some terms in cyber security?



Cyber security is currently of great concern and involves the unauthorized attempt of hackers to gain access to user data and try to manipulate user information. In this shot, we will be discussing some terms used in cyber security.


Penetration testing

Penetration testing is an evaluation done on a working network or user system to observe its vulnerability to cyber-attacks. Penetration testing is also known as pen-test and helps users ascertain how safe their devices and networks stand against any sudden cyber-attack.

Social engineering

Social engineering is comprised of a lot of actions carried out by hackers to manipulate a user to fall prey as victims of cyber-attacks. Social engineering consists of close monitoring done by hackers in order to send schemes so that users can fall for them. Most hackers aim to observe the user’s interests and dislikes just to manipulate them. This tactic is mostly used to gain valuable financial information or secret data so as to gain control of the user’s device.


Encryption is a safety measure carried out by most users in order to keep data from the reach of hackers or strangers. Encryption helps users encode their data with keys so that only a person with knowledge of those keys can access the stored data.

Distributed denial of service

Distributed denial of service is an action carried out by hackers to make a user server inaccessible by overloading it with a series of malicious requests. Distributed denial of service is how hackers flood a user server with malicious codes with the sole intention of shutting down the user server.


Rootkit is the term for malware used by hackers to take charge of a user system. A rootkit can stay undetected on the user end and help hackers gain control of the user’s computer without any detection. Hackers can then control the user systems from any location until the user loses control of the system.


Spyware is a term used to describe malware that hackers can inject into a user system to observe the user’s activities and take advantage of datasets in the user system. All of this happens without the user’s consent. Most times, spyware can be injected through the user’s browser so the hacker can track the user’s favorite sites. If the hacker is able to observe the user’s likes and dislikes, malware is sent for the user to fall prey to.


A worm is a term for malware that replicates itself when injected into a user system. A worm replicates itself and affects other computers connected to the user’s computer.


*Ransomeware is a term for malware that hackers use to hold users hostage until they remit a particular amount as ransom. A ransomware gains access to a user’s data, encrypts it, and requests the user to pay a ransom in order to access the encrypted codes and re-gain access to the system.


Malware is a general term for every kind of possible attack by a hacker on the user system. Malware has a single purpose of giving hackers control of the user system.


Breach is a term used when a hacker maliciously gains access to a user system or network by overriding a firewall or taking advantage of a vulnerability observed in the user security system.


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