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What are some types of cybersecurity?


Cybersecurity helps to keep a system free from malicious attacks. This keeps the data, hardware, and software of an organization’s system free from unauthorized access.

When there is no adequate security plan in place, it is easy for hackers to access computer systems in an organization connected to the internet. Cybersecurity exists as a check for the safety of internet-connected systems.

Network specified security

Network specified security is a sector of cybersecurity concerned with the protection of internal networks as well as preventing unauthorized access to personal or organizational networks.

This involves monitoring network traffic and implementing various network policies to alert the network team of any unauthorized access.

Policies that help in network security include the implementation of extra login details and the use of antivirus programs or firewalls. Every security measure in an organization that maintains the integrity of the organization’s network is network specified security.

Application specified security

Application specified security is a type of security that is concerned with maintaining the integrity of the applications used on mobile phones and other devices.

Software and hardware are used to avoid loopholes during the development of applications. This is to ensure that the applications are not easily attacked when they are in use. Application specified security tends to maintain the integrity of most applications used by consumers as well as organizations.

Cloud specified security

The various advancements in technology have led to the rise of cloud technology. Cloud specified security is concerned with protecting every resource stored in the cloud-base of an organization.

In cloud specified security, software-based tools are used to monitor the data kept in the cloud. Cloud security helps grant users easy access without location constraints, and it maintains the integrity of the resources stored in the cloud space.

Critical infrastructure specified security

Critical infrastructures consist of physical system with internet access, which plays a vital role in running the day to day activities of society. Water purification systems, traffic light regulation systems, and hospital patient care systems are some examples of critical infrastructures. Critical infrastructure specified security is concerned with providing safety for these various vital systems from malicious attacks. An attack on any of the systems could be a great loss to society, as the systems are of vital need.

Internet of Things specified security

The Internet of Things (IoT) consists of a variety of devices with an internet-based connection. This can include sensors, televisions, and appliances used in homes and offices. IoT specified security is an aspect of cyber security that is concerned with protecting these internet-based devices that are readily used by consumers and organizations.

IoT devices can be easily hacked where the control of a device is taken from the owner. This is the reason the adoption of IoT devices has been slow. Everything on the internet could be at great risk, so the safety of devices with internet access is very important.


cyber security

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