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What are TCL commands in SQL?

Buchiredddypalli Koushik

What are TCL commands?

TCL stands for Transaction Control Language and is used to manage information or transactions in a database.

Types of TCL commands

There are three main commands in TCL:

  • Commit
  • Rollback
  • Savepoint
TCL Commands


The commit command is employed to permanently save the information into the database. This command commits a transaction. When we use DML commands, the changes made by these commands are not permanent. To avoid this, we use the commit command to save it permanently.


SQL> commit;


The rollback command reinstates the database to the last committed or saved state. It is also used alongside the savepoint command to maneuver to a savepoint in an ongoing transaction.


SQL> rollback to s1;

Here, s1 is the name of the savepoint.


Savepoint is used to temporarily save the data so that we can roll back to it whenever we need to. It adds a savepoint within a transaction.


SQL> savepoint s1;

s1 is the name of the savepoint.


# create a table 

create table cars(model int ,car_name varchar(20),manufacture_year int);

# Inserting the values into the table

insert into cars (model,car_name,manufacture_year) values(1542,"Safari",2021);
insert into cars(model,car_name,manufacture_year) values(2562,"Benz",2020);
insert into cars (model,car_name,manufacture_year) values(1098,"BMW",2021);
select *from cars;
start transaction;

# Here we have created a savepoint

savepoint s1;
# after creating a savepoint the data gets stored till the point where we have done.

delete from cars where model=1098;
insert into cars values(2547,"Jaguar",2021),(8745,"Audi",2020),(1878,"Nexa",2020);
rollback to s1;

# when we rollback it gets us back to the last saved point.

select *from cars;

#commit is used to save the data permenantly.


  • In the code above, we create a table with the name cars.

  • After creating the table, we insert the values into it.

  • We add a savepoint to temporarily save the values.

  • Then, we use the rollback command to go back to a point where we last saved. In other words, we can go back to the last savepoint.

  • Finally, we use commit to permanently save the data.




Buchiredddypalli Koushik

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