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What are the advantages of using infrastructure in code?

Umme Ammara

Infrastructure as code (IaC) replaces the manual effort of physical hardware configuration with simple lines of code, which essentially means that the developer will define the infrastructure within the code.

Terraform utilizes the IaC method to change the infrastructures desired by the developers. This code-based approach has several advantages.

Speed and Efficiency

It is faster to change the code and test them out than waiting for manual IT support. In addition, Terraform can run the modified infrastructure, and changes can be reverted instantly, which means a quicker iteration process.

Quicker Iteration

Reduced management

IaC allows the creation of multiple instances of the same environment using Terraform. As the process becomes more reliable and consistent, developers can control the infrastructure and save time and effort. In addition, the role of an administrator managing storage, networking, or other components of the infrastructure reduces due to IaC.

Consistent configuration

Due to the availability of providers in Terraform such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, it can configure multiple components in a single environment.

Easy configuration of different components

Ease of use

Moreover, Terraform uses an easy-to-use configuration syntax language called HCL (Hoshicorp Configuration Language), making the implementation of IaC easier.


Using Terraform provides an added layer of security since the changes to the infrastructure are visible to the developer. Terraform will incorporate the changes only after confirming them. Moreover, Terraform provides an online community to solve any queries regarding IaC.

Due to the above-mentioned advantages, the Infrastructure as Code method reduces costs, minimizes risks, and speeds up the software development process.




Umme Ammara
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