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What are the key points of mock testing?

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We perform many forms of testing regularly. Mock testing is one of them. Mocking is used in unit testing when testing a unit with external dependencies.

What is mock testing?

Mock testing revolves around creating a duplicate version of any existing service. The duplicate version is used instead of the real one to complete the testing process.

Using mocks over actual services

We do this to have a lighter replacement of some services or when a service is incomplete and might stand in the way of the testing process. Mocking separates the code under test. It allows us to focus on our code under test rather than the behavior or the state of the external dependencies.

Advantages of mock testing

The advantages of mock testing are:

  • A replaced or duplicated service can help conduct the test without invoking the actual dependency.
  • It helps to run tests more efficiently and reliably.
  • It helps save time during a testing cycle.


mock testing
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