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What are the most important skills for a Web Developer?

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Some of the most important skills for a web developer are:


HTML defines the structure of a web page whereas CSS is used to modify and enhance that structure by adding styling. You must have a good grip on these two languages to design a good front-end.

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Web Protocols:

A good developer must have a solid grasp of the web protocols HTTP and HTTPS and how they work, as well as of of how clients and servers communicate. Working knowledge of Secure Shell Protocol (SSL), used to encrypt the data between servers and clients, is also very helpful.


JavaScript can be used as both a client and server side technology. It can be used to do things like add interactivity to web pages, enhance browser security, manage web content dynamically, etc. It also supports numerous libraries and frameworks that make the life of a web developer easier.

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Web Technologies & Frameworks:

A good developer will often want to use a framework to make web development faster and easier. Some popular frameworks include: React.js, Angular.js, and Vue.js for frontend and Ruby on Rails, Express, and Django for back-end.

To write the server side of your website, you need to have a sound grip of some back-end technology. The most popular ones are Java, .NET, Python, Ruby, and Nodejs.

Command Line:

Web devs will often need the command line to install packages and build web applications.