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What are the setter and getter methods in Dart?

Maria Elijah

The class methods, getter and setter, are used to manipulate the data of the class attributes. A setter is used to set the data of the fieldName class to some variable, whereas a getter is used to read or get the data of the fieldName class.

Setter method

The setter method is used to set the data of a variable returned by the getter method. A default setter function exists in all classes, although it can be overridden explicitly.

The set keyword can be used to define the setter method.

returnType set fieldName {
   // set the value

Getter method

A getter method is used to get and save a specific fieldName class in a variable. A default getter method exists in all classes, but it can be overridden explicitly. The get keyword can be used to define the getter method.

returnType get fieldName {
   // return the value


Below is a code sample for the setter and getter method.

// implementing getter and setter method

// Creating class 
class Educative {
  // Creating a field
  String shotTitle;
  // Using the getter method to get input
  String get shot_title {
    return shotTitle;
  // Using the setter method to set the input
  set shot_title (String title) {
    this.shotTitle = title;
void main() 
    // Creating Instance of a class 
    Educative edu = new Educative(); 
  // using class instance to access the class  getter method
  // getter method to get the name
    edu.shot_title = "Dart - Setter and Getter methods";
  // Print the input 
  print("This is an Educative shot on ${edu.shot_title}");



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