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What are the three techniques used for testing?

Theodore Kelechukwu Onyejiaku

There are three different testing techniques available. They include white-box testing, black-box testing, and grey-box testing. Let’s discuss each of these techniques.

White-box testing

This technique involves accessing the code to the core. White-box testing is also called open box testing, clear box testing, and glass box testing.

Several techniques are involved during white-box testing:

  • Statement coverage: In this coverage, all statements of the program are accessed.
  • Branch coverage: In this coverage, tests are performed serially to make sure each branch is tested.
  • Path coverage: Here, all the paths are tested for all statements and branches.

Black-box testing

This testing is carried out to test the functionality of the application and to ensure that it meets requirements. Unlike white-box testing, it does not focus on the code, but rather the application functionality.

Black-box techniques include:

  • Boundary value analysis
  • Equivalence partitioning
  • Decision tables
  • Domain tests, etc.

Grey-box testing

This method of testing is performed when you don’t have knowledge about the whole structure of the application. This means that testing is done with limited knowledge about the application. Most times, it is done like black-box testing. But in critical areas of the application, white-box testing is performed. Grey-box testing is the combination of white-box and black-box testing.




Theodore Kelechukwu Onyejiaku

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