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What are the types of privileges in DBMS?


What are privileges?

A privilege in a database management system is the permission to execute certain actions on the database.

Privileges can be permitted to:

  1. Access a table
  2. Access permission to execute a database command
  3. Access another user’s object

Privileges make certain actions possible, such as connecting to a database, creating a table, and executing another user’s stored procedure.

Privileges are granted to users so they can accomplish a given task. If privileges are not granted with guidance, this can lead to a security bridge on the database.

Categories of privileges

There are two main categories of privileges possible in a database:

  1. System privileges
  2. Object privileges

1. System privileges

A system privilege can include the following:

  1. Perform an action on any object of a database.example

  2. Create tablespaces in a database

  3. Delete the rows of any table in a database

We have close to 60 system privileges in existence in the database management system.

System privileges are mostly granted to administrative personnel and application developers. This privilege is usually not open to end-users of the database.

Below is a table of some popular system privileges.

2. Object privileges

Object privilege is the permission to access specific database objects. Object privilege entails performing a specific action on a particular table, function, or package.

The right to delete rows from a table is an object privilege. Object privileges are granted to normal users, unlike system privileges. Some of the popular object privileges are given below.


Both system and object privileges are very important in a database management system, as they help secure the data stored in a database system.

System privileges are offered to administrators of the database, while object privileges are offered to normal users of the database.



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