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What are tuples in Swift?

Wale Moshood

Tuple in Swift

A Tuple in Swift is a group of different values that are used to return multiple values from a function call.

They are also referred to as ordered and comma-separated lists of values that are wrapped in parentheses.

Basic tuple

The values of a tuple can be of different data types. A basic tuple that groups together a String and an Integer is shown below:

var device = ("Android", 500)

Named tuple

We can also define a tuple by naming its elements. We use these names to access the elements of a named tuple as described below:

var student = (name: "John", age: 21)




Nested tuple

Tuples created as an element of another tuple are referred to as Nested Tuples.

An example is shown below:

var alphaNum = ("x", 1, 2, ("y", 3, "z")) 

In the example above, we have a tuple ("y", 3, "z") as the third element of the created alphaNum tuple.

Tuple elements

The elements of a tuple are similar to those of an array. They are represented by index numbers.

The first element is at index 0 and the second element is at index 1.

The indexing continues in this order.

To access the elements of a tuple, we use their respective index numbers.

An example is shown below:

var cityRatings = ("London", 7)

print("City:", cityRatings.0)

print("Ratings:", cityRatings.1)


City: London
Ratings: 7

A tuple named cityRatings was created in the code above. The elements were accessed using their index numbers.

We can also update the elements of a tuple by assigning a new value to the particular index to be modified.

An example is shown below:

var book = ("The Geo book", 1000)

print("Original Tuple:")

print("Name:", book.0)
print("Pages:", book.1)

// modify second value
book.1 = 1500

print("After Modification:")

print("Name:", book.0)
print("Pages:", book.1)


A tuple named book is created in the example above, and its value is modified at index 1 from 1000 pages to 1500 pages.



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