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What are user experience goals in interactive design?


User experience goals are concerned with how users feel when they use a product. User experience goals also help track if the user’s expectations are met when they use a product. When user experience goals are met, it can help increase user loyalty.

Aesthetically pleasing

This goal is focused on how attractive a product design is to the user. The perceived beauty of the product in the eyes of the user should help enforce their decision to choose the product over competitors.


The goal of rewarding in user experience is to foster loyalty and enhance positive reinforcement.

Imagine a competition where a student who takes first place in a 100100m race is rewarded with a laptop. Such incentives are likely to make students work harder to try and win. Similarly, when a product offers discounts, gift cards, etc., users may be encouraged to keep using the product.


A satisfying user experience is one where the user’s purpose of using a product is fulfilled. If users find a product fulfilling, they may consume it again. But if, on the first use, users aren’t satisfied with a product, then they will likely look for an alternative product to meet their needs. To avoid losing target users to competitors, the product design should provide a satisfying experience.

Emotional fulfillment

Product designers should find the emotional motivators of their target users during user research, as a product that gains an emotional connection to its users is likely to be more appreciated.

Emotional motivators are the unique desires of users, e.g., some users may desire a product that stands out from the crowd. In contrast, some may desire products that appear futuristic in nature.

Support creativity

When a product offers a service similar to other products, there is a need to innovate the design from time to time to help give users a fresh experience.

For example, a mobile app can be updated with new features from time to time to enable users to steadily enjoy a fresh experience while using the product.

As a user experience goal, creativity encourages continuous innovation of the product to meet the latest standards and demands.


It is necessary for users to enjoy using a product. This user experience goal encourages a design that can make the product a favorite for users.

Most products have a competitor in the market. Consider a shopping mall that provides a shopping application for mobile users. Users should enjoy using the online shopping application of the mall instead of the online process being tedious. If the mobile application is not enjoyable, they may stop using it entirely. The product should create a fun experience for the user when it is used.

User experience goals are necessary to understand user views of a product. Feedback can help track a user’s experience with a product and help improve it to better satisfy users.



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