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What is a browser check?

Fahad Farid

A browser check is used to test the viability of web applications across multiple browser platforms. It is the act of opening up your webpage in different browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, and Firefox to check if the application runs successfully across all browsers.

There have been advancements, and now multiple online tools are available for free that can run these tests for you.

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Here is an example of how to run a browser check.

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  1. Open Browserling.
  2. Enter the URL of your webpage and select the browser you want to test it on.
  3. Click Test now!. A new page and will open up that will run your browser.
  4. Check your application in the window as you would in your own browser. Check for CSS and other compatibility issues.
  5. Click End session to finish the session.
  6. Repeat for other browsers as well.


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Fahad Farid
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