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What is a C++ string?

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A string in C++ is an ordered sequence of characters.

There are three possible ways to create a sequence of characters in C++, a ‘string’ is just one of these ways:

  1. A simple array of characters is just like any other array; but it has no special properties that other arrays may have.
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  1. A null terminated string, also called a C-string, consists of an array of characters terminated by the null character ‘\0’. Strings of these forms can be created and dealt with using <cstring> library. Note that the null character may not be the last character in the C-string array.

  1. A C++ string is an object that is a part of the C++ standard library. It is an instance of a “class” data type, used for convenient manipulation of sequences of characters. To use the string class in your program, the <string> header must be included. The standard library string class can be accessed through the std namespace.