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What is a data element in HTML?

Dian Us Suqlain

The purpose of using a data element inside an HTML document is to link a given piece of content with a machine-readabledata in a format that a computer can process translation.

The data element works as a translator, as it provides content written in both human-understandable and machine-readable language.

Where to use a data element?

We use a data element where there is a need to make the server or computer understand the content written on the webpage.


A data element is placed inside tags (<>): <data> in an HTML document and includes both an opening (<data>) and closing (</data>) tag.

It is always mandatory to include the value attribute inside the <data> tag. Without the value attribute, it would not be machine-readable.

The value attribute represents an element’s contents in a machine-readable format, i.e., binary (0’s and 1’s).

"data" and "value" tag illustration


The following is an example of how a <data> element is declared and used inside an unordered-listusing the <ul> tags, the list items will be marked with bullets.

<data> element in an HTML documet.




Dian Us Suqlain
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