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What is a file system vs a database management system?

Buchiredddypalli Koushik

What is a file system?

A file system is a process where all the files are stored in a single place, and whenever the user requests the data, the file will be retrieved.

The different types of files are stored in the directories. The directories contain all the folders and files in them.

In the olden days, file systems were used to build some database applications.

What is a database management system?

A database management system is a stream that manages all the data in a single place.

The database consists of systematic data stored in a single repository.

The database stores the data securely. One can not enter the database without access.

Authorization and authentication are provided in the modern database.

File system vs database management system

File System

Database Management System

Data can be redundant and inconsistent.

In this system, we have data independence. 

Data is not easily accessible.

Data is easy and efficient to access.

In this system, we have integrity problems.

We mostly don't have any issues in this system.

Security issues can arise with this system.

No security issues arise with this system.

Data can be accessed concurrently by multiple users.

Data can be accessed concurrently.

Does not have crash recovery. If any information is lost, it cannot be recovered.

Has crash recovery, which means if any data is lost, it can be recovered using the log files.

It is less expensive compared to the database management system.

It is expensive compared to the file system.




Buchiredddypalli Koushik

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