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What is a Java programming architecture?



The architecture of the Java programming language showcases how a program is compiled and executed when written in Java.

Java cross-platform illustration


The Java architecture consists of the Java virtual machine component, the Java runtime environment component, and the Java development kit component. These components help bring together the process of interpretation and compilation in the Java program execution process.

Architectural components

1. Java virtual machine

The Java virtual machine is an architectural component that makes it possible for the Java program to run on any platform. Java operates on a WORA feature—write once, run anywhere. Java virtual machine uploads every code, and then verifies it on loading it into memory for execution.

Illustration of Java virtual machine

2. Java run-time environment

The Java run-time environment combines the Java code with the necessary libraries, after which it starts the virtual machine for the execution of the code. The Java run time environment consists of several tools, deployment technologies, integration libraries, and class libraries used in the execution of Java code. For the Java byte code to run on any platform, there is a need for the presence of a Java run time environment.

Java run-time environment

3. Java development kit

The Java development kit is a software environment that is used in the development of Java applications. It consists of a Java run time environment, compiler, and Java interpreter with several other needed tools for development. The Java development kit consists of appletviewer, jabswitch, javac, javadoc, and so on. All these components are available in the development kit to help in the development process of Java programs.

Application of the Java program

  1. Desktop GUI application of Java: Certain APIs, like Awt, swing, and JavaFx can be used in developing desktop applications in Java. The Abstract windowing toolkit (Awt), is used for developing window-based applications in java.
  2. Mobile applications of Java: Java language is used to develop mobile applications like Android. The Java micro edition can be used as a framework to develop a cross-platform application.
  3. Enterprise application of Java: Java is secure enough to be used in the development of enterprise applications. It can be used for large software development.
  4. Web applications of Java: Web applications can be developed with the use of Java. They are rendered through a browser interface.
  5. Embedded systems: Embedded systems are simple units of a computing system put together for a performance of a specific function. Java is used in this unit integration and assembling, as they are readily used in our daily life activities.


The Java programming language is one of the most popular programming languages due to its robust and secure nature. Its cross-platform application features are a vital aspect of the language that makes it so efficient and accessible.



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