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What is a trojan?

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A trojan is a type of malicious code that imitates legitimate software – it can take control of the computer by deceiving the user into running the malicious code. A trojan is not a virus as it does not replicate itself once on the user’s machine.

Types of Trojan malware

There are many types of trojans. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Backdoor trojan creates an easy way for the hacker to reaccess the computer. A virus can be uploaded, data deleted, or information stolen.
  2. Ransom trojan holds the victim’s computer hostage and will only undo the damage after the victim pays the hacker.
  3. Trojan banker takes bank account, credit card, and all online transaction​ information.
  4. Rootkit trojan hides other malware on the victim’s computer to extend the number of times the malware can run on the computer.
  5. Remote access trojan gives the hacker remote access to the victim’s device.


  • Install antivirus and antimalware Softwares that scan for trojans.
  • Never download pirated applications from untrusted websites.
  • Make use of firewalls to only allow restricted access.
  • Do not trust websites that offer unbelievable deals.
  • Make use of site advisors that scan and ensure safe surfing.
  • Keep software up to date to ensure that no vulnerabilities are exploited.
  • In case your system is compromised, always check for backdoors that have been opened by the hacker. These are usually exploited by hackers to ensure easy access to your system in the future.


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