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What is a web container?

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A web container is the component of a web server that interacts with Java servlets. A web container manages the life cycle of servlets; it maps a URL to a particular servlet while ensuring that the requester has relevant access-rights.

The web container implements the web component aspect of the Java engineering architecture; it specifies a run time environment for various components such as security, concurrency, transaction, and deployment.

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Java servlets do not have a defined main() method, so a container is required to load them. The servlet gets deployed on the container.

Let’s have a look at what happens when a client sends a certain request that requires interaction with the servlet:

  • The client sends a request to a web server.

  • The web server, which contains a servlet, sends that request to the container.

  • The container passes the request to the respective servlet.

  • The servlet methods are loaded.

  • The servlet hands over the relevant response to the container, which passes it to the server. Eventually, the response reaches the client.


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