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What is Acceptance Testing?

Fahad Farid

Acceptance testing is a software testing method that is usually performed as the last stage of testing before releasing the product for market use. As the name suggests, it is a test for acceptability. This method of testing makes sure a product is aligned with the business requirements and if it is fit to deliver. In simpler terms, this final stage of formal testing performs tests according to user needs and business processes. It identifies if users, customers, and other entities are ready to accept a particular product.

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Types of Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Check if the product is working correctly for users. This is a type of End-User testing.

Business Acceptance Testing (BAT)

This methodology is used to determine if a particular product meets certain business goals. Budgets and profits are often aligned with product and business goals.

Contract Acceptance Testing (CAT)

This methodology specifies that acceptance testing must be performed at a predetermined period before the product goes into the market. The product is required to pass all the acceptance use cases. There should be a well-defined contract in terms of the period of testing, areas of testing, conditions on issues encountered at later stages, payments, etc.

Regulations Acceptance Testing (RAT)

This methodology ensures that the product or application does not violate any rules or regulations of the state or country where it is being released.

Operational Acceptance Testing (OAT)

This is a non-functional testing strategy used to determine the operational readiness of the product. It mainly includes testing of recovery, compatibility, maintainability, reliability , etc.

Alpha Testing

Alpha testing is carried out by the testers, who are internal employees of the organization, to check for bugs and fixes.

Beta Testing

Alpha testing is carried out by testers who are real end-users. The collected feedback from the users is assessed and incorporated in the product.

Applications of Acceptance Testing

  • Find if any defects were missed during any of the testing phases.

  • Determine how well the product is developed for use.

  • Confirm if the product is what the user requires.

  • This system brings about major feedback, which may help in improving the performance and experience of a user.

  • Minimize or eliminate the issues arising from the production.


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