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What is accessibility testing in software testing?

Dian Us Suqlain

Software testing involves various techniques and methods to check the effectiveness, accuracy, efficiency, result of the system.

We perform accessibility testing in a software application to determine whether the application being tested is useful for people with disabilities.

How to perform accessibility testing

Usability testing performs similar actions as accessibility testing, which is a subtype of usability testing.

In accessibility testing, we conduct the testing while specifically keeping in mind those who have some disability or disorder. We then check the system’s effectiveness and its components from this specific perspective.

Why is there a need for accessibility testing?

Software and systems developed by companies are not intended to for the exclusive use of hearing and seeing users. Disabled and disadvantaged users are also potential customers or clients.

Accessibility testing is helpful in this case. We can determine the limitations of our system by observing it and testing several use cases, especially for disabled and disadvantaged users.

Which disabilities should be considered while testing software?

There are several disability issues commonly found among a group of individuals and in society collectively. These are demonstrated in the illustration below.

Accessibility testing and disabilities to take measure against

We can use various tools available online that are specifically developed for accessibility testing of software. Proper guidelines and laws are mentioned for such purposes.

Challenges involved in accessibility testing

When we apply the accessibility testing technique to a system, we must consider the following challenges and questions in order to thoroughly check the system’s availability for disabled users.

Q 01. Does our application provide keyboard alternatives for all mouse and windows operations?

Q 02. Does our system provide shortcut keys for menus?

Q 03. Does our application work on all Operating Systems?

Q 04. Have we provided instructions as a part of user documentation or manual?

Q 05. Have we ensured smoothness of flow on our web pages?

Q 06. Does our system provide audio alerts?

Q 07. Have we correctly mentioned and labeled our system and its icons?

Q 08. Can the user customize tabs and screens freely by their own will?

Q 09. Have we provided the option to change colors for partially blind users?

Q 10. Have we provided training manuals for users with disabilities that will enable them to become familiar with the software or application?


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