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What is activeX data object(ADO) property object?

Behzad Ahmad

The ActiveX Data Object(ADO) module is a programming model that enables programs in C++ and Visual Basic to connect to a database or SQL server. It includes several types of objects including the Property object.

The Property object is represents the dynamic characteristics of an ADO object. These are the properties that are predefined by the provider.

There are two types of properties of an ADO object:

  • Built-in
  • Dynamic


These are the properties that are readily available to any new object because they are already implemented in ADO. They can be accessed using the MyObject.Property syntax. These properties do not form part of the Property objects in the Properties Collection. Consequently, while their values may be modified, their characteristics cannot.


These are the properties that are defined by the data provider. For appropriate ADO objects, they appear in the Properties Collection.

A dynamic property has four built-in properties of its own.

  • Name: This sets or returns the name of a property object.

  • Type: It is used to return the type of a Property object.

  • Value: This sets or returns the value of the Property object. Its default property is dependant on the Type property.

  • Attributes: This returns the attributes of a property object as a long value.




Behzad Ahmad
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