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What is agile model in software engineering?

Arooj Fatima

The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is used to design, develop, and test high-quality software. The major objective of SDLC is to develop high-quality software, which completes customer requirements in the given time period and cost estimations.

Agile model

The agile model in software engineering propagates the idea that all projects need to be processed in contrast to each other and existing approaches need to be tailored optimally to the requirements of the project. The agile model divides tasks into time boxes (small timeframes) to provide specific functionality to the release. The iterative approach is selected and provides a software form that works after each iteration. Each build is gradual in terms of functionality. The final build contains all the attributes that we need.

Phases of agile model

Phases of the agile model

These are the different phases of the agile model:

Requirement analysis

At this stage, we need to specify our requirements. We need to present our business options and manage the time and effort required to create our project. We can use this information to assess technical and economic feasibility.


Once we have the project defined, we cooperate with the stakeholders to define the requirements. We can utilize user flow diagrams or high-level UML diagrams to present the latest features in action and demonstrate how they will be involved in our current system.


Once the team identifies the requirements, the implementation starts. Designers and developers begin performing on their project, which strives to implement a functional product. The product will go through different phases of improvement, so it consists of simple and minimal functions.

Quality assurance

At this stage, the quality assurance of the product is reviewed along with its performance. Errors and bugs are also identified in this phase.


The product is delivered to the user work environment by the team.


Once the product is released, the final stage is feedback. In this phase, the team receives reviews on the product and works according to the comments.

When should we use the agile model?

The agile model utilizes an adaptive method where there is no blueprint and where forthcoming tasks are clearly only related to the components that need to be developed. There is feature-driven implementation and the team is flexible to adapt to modifying product requirements. Products are tested often, across releases, which minimizes the chance of major letdowns in the future. Client interaction is the spine of this agile approach, and forthright communication with minimal documentation are standard features of an agile development environment. Agile teams work closely together and are usually in the same geographic site.

Advantages of the agile model

Here are the pros of using the agile model:

Pros of using the agile method

Disadvantages of the agile model

Here are some of the disadvantages of using the agile model:

  • Since there is little proper documentation, after the project is complete, the maintenance of the completed project can be difficult.

  • There is a lack of formal documents. This creates disorder, because important decisions that are made at different stages can be misunderstood by different team members.



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