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What is aifc.getnchannels() in Python?

Augustine Jibunoh


AIFC is a Python module that aids with the reading and writing of AIFF and AIFF-C files. AIFF is an acronym for Audio Interchange File Format, a format used for storing digital audio samples in a file. On the other hand, AIFF-C is a newer model with the ability to Compress the audio data link.


Below are the parameters that help to describe audio data.

  • Sampling rate or frame rate: The number of times per second the sound is sampled.
  • Number of channels: This indicates if the audio is mono, stereo, or quadro.
  • Frame: This consists of one sample per channel.
  • Sample size: The byte size of each sample.


The open() function is a defined function embedded in the AIFC module. This function takes two arguments when called, the file and mode. A file may be represented by a string name or file object, while the mode’s r and w represent reading and writing. When a file is opened for reading, the objects returned have several methods that can then be applied to it. Nonetheless, the focus here is on the getnchannels() method, which returns the number of audio channels1 for mono, 2 for stereo.

Audio Channels

  • Mono: This type of audio file only contains a single audio channel.
  • Stereo: This type of audio file contain two audio channels.
# import the module 
import aifc

# open audio file
sound_object ='beats.aiff', 'r')

# get the number of audio channels in the file
usage of python's aifc.getnchannels()



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