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What is an inspection in software testing?

Behzad Ahmad

Inspections are a formal type of review that involves checking the documents thoroughly before a meeting and is carried out mostly by moderators. A meeting is then held to review the code and the design.

Inspection meetings can be held both physically and virtually. The purpose of these meetings is to review the code and the design with everyone and to report any bugs found.


  • It is easier to find defects for the people who have not done the implementation themselves and are unaware of its correctness beforehand.

  • Knowledge sharing about specific software artifacts and designs.

  • Knowledge sharing regarding defect detection practices.

  • Flaws are identified at early stages.

  • It reduces the rework and testing effort.

Who is involved?

  • Moderator: Inspector who is responsible for organizing and reporting on inspection.

  • Author: Owner of the report.

  • Reader: A person who guides the examination of the product.

  • Recorder: An inspector who notes down all the defects on the defect list.

  • Inspector: Member of the inspection team.

Steps of inspection


The planning phase starts when the entry criteria for the inspection state are met. A moderator verifies that the product entry criteria are met.


In the overview phase, a presentation is given to the inspector with some background information needed to review the software product properly.


This is considered an individual activity. In this part of the process, the inspector collects all the materials needed for inspection, reviews that material, and notes any defects.


The moderator conducts the meeting. In the meeting, the defects are collected and reviewed.


The author performs this part of the process in response to defect disposition determined at the meeting.


In follow-up, the moderator makes the corrections and then compiles the inspection management and defects summary report.


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Behzad Ahmad
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