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What is Angular?

Saad Akbar

Angular is a framework that was developed by Google and is used to develop web and mobile web applications. It is used in the front-end development of an application. Angular developers to improve the responsiveness of an application – it is one of the leading frameworks that are used to develop SPASingle Page Application. Angular’s leading competitor is Facebook’s React framework.

Key features of Angular

  • Angular works on DOM manipulation and helps develop SPA.
  • Angular is MVC architecture based.
  • Angular allows Data Binding efficiently.
  • Angular makes code short and self-explanatory.
  • Angular allows developers to use external libraries.

Why use angular as a front-end framework?

There are many benefits to using Angular as a front-end framework:

  • Angular uses component based structure. This gives the developer an option of dividing the web pages into small components and then merging them all in a single web page.

  • The component based approach also improves the reusability of the code. This helps developers save time when re-writing previously written code.

  • Angular is a unit-test friendly framework that is quicker to test when compared to other frameworks.

  • Angular has an improved code readability that helps new developers to get on board quickly.

  • Angular improves the maintainability of the code.



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