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What is Angular architect?


What is Angular?

Angular is a framework for building single-page applications. Angular consists of several libraries. Some of these libraries are always needed, while others are optional. Angular is usually written with HTML templates that have component classes for the sole purpose of managing the HTML templates.

Angular operates on Model View Controller architecture (MVC). MVC is an architectural pattern that separates any given application into three separate logical components, where each separate component works specifically on separate parts of the application. MVC has proven to be useful in the creation of scalable and effective projects.

What is MVC?

MVC works with the abstraction principle. Abstraction, as used in the MVC, helps hide the application logic from the view layer and supports separation.

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The MVC architecture comprises of a model, view, and controller.

Model : The model is concerned with data management or maintenance, as well as every request from other parts of the architecture. Models include view layer requests and instructions from the controller layer.

View: The view is the user interface part of the architecture. It is responsible for showing users the part of data needed at each moment. The operations of the view layer are triggered by the controller at every point in time.

Controller : The controller is the logic that helps the interaction between the model and view parts of the architecture. The controller basically accepts inputs, runs validations, and carries out operations for data modification. The angular MVC framework provides clear guidance on how the application should be structured and offers bi-directional data flow while providing real DOM.


In conclusion, the Angular architect comprises the operation model of the Angular framework.



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