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What is Ansible AWS?

Fahad Farid
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Ansible is a platform that lets you automate the application in AWS. It enables one to provision workloads in such a way that the power of IT can be harnessed dynamically.

The AWS cloud provides you with an array of services that help rapidly deploy and scale apps.

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Ansible can be used to define, deploy, and manage a wide variety of AWS services. Ansible allows users to deploy the same AWS-based application environments multiple times. It also hosts 100 modules that support AWS capabilities and 1300+ modules that help to manage every aspect of an operating system or network infrastructure.

Keeping track

Ansible’s cloud inventory synchronization allows users to immediately get knowledge of the AWS instances that were launched.


Companies with a large number of employees require strict authorization checks to ensure that no one gains access to information they should not have. Ansible allows role-based access controls for such authorization. Ansible also encrypts credentials and SSH and can, therefore, be safely used by new employees.


Ansible allows for easy deployment of an application to AWS. Once an application is ready, it is also easy to redeploy.




Fahad Farid
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