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What is async main in C#?

Hammad Nasir


In versions of C# prior to 7.0, a Main function could not be declared as async, therefore restricting the use of await inside the Main function. As a result, if an async function had to be called inside the Main function, then a GetAwaiter function call had to be made in order to process the result asynchronously:

static int Main() {
  return DoAsyncTask().GetAwaiter().GetResult();

However, in C# 7.0 onwards, the Main function can be declared as async, therefore allowing the use of await inside it.


The following code provides an example of how to use the async Main method:

class Program {
  static async Task<int> Main()
    return await DoAsyncTask();

In the example above, the Main method is declared as async, and therefore we can use await in line 4. The return type of the Main method has to be of the type Task<int> if an exit code is to be returned, or Task if no exit code is to be returned.




Hammad Nasir
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