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What is automated software testing?

Dian Us Suqlain

Automation testing, test automation, and automated software testing are different names for one single purpose.

Automated software testing performs specific techniques by executing a test case in order to compare the expected outcome with an actual one. This is done using special software testing tools available online.

Why use automation testing?

In automation testing, we check whether the system functionalities are working appropriately and correctly, and whether or not the requirements are met accordingly.

We have to check the errors in production and fix them before actually deploying the system.


The following illustration demonstrates the uses and advantages of test automation.

Advantages of software testing

Types of automation

We can do software testing manually as well, but automation testing is more manageable. Automated software testing includes some of the following types:

  1. Unit testing: In unit testing, we check the code of the system. We identify the bugs, warnings, and other errors at this level of testing.

  2. GUI testing: The most challenging part of the software is to test its Graphical User Interface (GUI). This involves great experience and knowledge about various designs and interfaces.

  3. Smoke testing: At this point, we observe the stability of our system. What are the failure cases for our system, and how can we resolve them?

Steps involved in automated software testing

  1. Test Tool Selection: Many tools are available online, such as Selenium, Testim, Ranorex, and many more.

  2. Define the scope of Automation: What are the actual boundaries of software? We have to define the limitations and nature of our software here.

  3. Planning, Design, and Development: At this stage, we create a thorough plan and design to develop and deploy the system and its module.

  4. Test Execution: After P&D (Planning and Development) of the system, it is time to execute our test cases and check how the system behaves in multiple environments.

  5. Maintenance: The most crucial part of a system is its maintenance. We have to keep upgrading our system according to the needs of both clients and the market.

Automated software testing steps/stages


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Dian Us Suqlain
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