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What is AWS serverless platform?

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Serverless is a kind of cloud architecture that increases agility and innovation by enabling the user to push more and more operational functionalities to AWS. Basically, it allows the user to focus entirely on the creation and build of the application without worrying about managing and operating servers at the back.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer a set of fully managed services that can be used to build and run serverless applications. Serverless applications do not require maintenance or administration of servers for backend components like databases, storage, and stream processing. The need for ensuring fault tolerance and 24/7 availability is also eliminated. The AWS serverless platform handles all of these responsibilities itself.

Let’s have a look at the key features that the AWS serverless platform has to offer:

  • AWS has a cloud logic layer, known as AWS Lambda, that can power business logic by acting as a control plane and logic layer for all the inter-connected infrastructure resources and corresponding web APIs.

  • AWS offers various application lifecycle management tools such as AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild to allow continuous deliverance of your application.

  • AWS offers flexible security control and access rights. The entire backend environment is secured by providing functionalities such as logging, modification tracking, encryption, and access controls.

  • The state of individual distributed components and multiple microservices of the serverless application can be maintained using AWS Step Functions by AWS.


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