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What is Bare Metal Restore?

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Bare Metal Restore

Bare Metal Restore is a data recovery method in which no operating system or software needs to be installed before restoration. Hence, the name, Bare Metal Restore.

Of course, there has to be a valid system image available to restore from. A system image is essentially a backup copy of the whole drive. Using this technique, all settings, applications, data, drivers, installations, and even an operating system can be restored into the computer, making it fast and error-free. The restoration leaves the operating system and applications in a state ready-for-use.

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Bare Metal Restoration is a useful and quick solution to bring computer systems back online in case of any of the following scenarios:

  1. Hacking attacks
  2. Hardware failures
  3. Accidents causing harm to the operating system, application system, or data

To be completely prepared for any of these scenarios, it is advised to back up data frequently. This backup can be done using any software.


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