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What is Benchmark Testing?

Hassaan Waqar

Benchmark testing is used to validate whether a software product conforms to required performance standards as expected by the user. Performance of the product is compared to a set benchmark or standard, and changes are made accordingly to improve performance.

The illustration below describes the process of benchmark testing:

What is benchmark testing?

Characteristics of benchmark testing

Benchmark testing is used to ensure optimum performance in the following domains:

  • Deadlock handling
  • Utility tests
  • Coding standards
  • Database storage
  • Database access time
  • Transaction rates

Benchmarks testing is not only used for software products but hardware testing as well. The following are instances where it is used:

  • Broken links
  • Link popularity
  • Accessibility
  • Browser compatibility
  • HTML Compliance

Benchmark testing involves software developers, database administrators, and Quality Assurance (QA) testers. This process works in iterations, and one can involve several tests. The software and hardware used must match the production environment.

Purpose of benchmark testing

Benchmark testing is used for the following reasons:

  • To test how changes made to the product affect its performance.
  • To improve the product’s efficiency to match set benchmarks.
  • To test the bottleneck of a product as load or number of concurrent users increase.

Phases of benchmark testing

Benchmark testing can be divided into four phases. These phases are important to plan out the test in advance, analyze, and make necessary improvements. The process is as follows:

  • Planning phase: Benchmarks and standards are finalized. The test process is also finalized.
  • Analysis phase: Goals are set, and the error cause is identified.
  • Integration phase Results are shared with specialists for consultation.
  • Action phase: Plans are carried out for improvement, and results are monitored closely. Documentation can also be produced.

Prerequisites of benchmark testing:

Some conditions need to be satisfied before benchmark testing can be carried out:

  • All product functionalities should be completely implemented so that their performance can be tested. *Testers should know system architecture.
  • Testers must know the minimum number of users that have to concurrently used the product.
  • Tests should be performed under the same environmental conditions.

Advantages of benchmark testing

Benchmark testing helps improve the product’s performance and makes it suitable for the environment in which it will be released. Other benefits include:

  • Ensures that the product can handle the required load and a minimum number of users.
  • Ensures all functionalities are in place and working.




Hassaan Waqar
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