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What is binascii.rledecode_hqx in python?

Sarvech Qadir

The binascii is a widely used Python library for ASCII-encoded binary representations. It contains several methods for converting to binary from ASCII or hex, and vice versa.

binascii.rledecode_hqx is one of the methods of binascii library in Python. It is the opposite of rlecode_hqx method.

We can use binascii.rledecode_hqx to perform RLE-decompression on data. We can use this method to decompress the data – previously compressed by using Run length encoding format – to original data.

The procedure is simple. While encoding the data, we use the method of rlecode_hqxGiven an input, say “Heloooooooo”, the method rlecode_hqx iterates through the string to check for consecutive characters. In this case, there are 8 consecutive “o’s”. This will be compressed and output will be shown with a single “o” followed by \x90\x and then the number of times it occurred.. rledecode_hqx identifies \x90\x in the compressed input to find the number of times a single character is present in the uncompressed string and the decompresses the compressed string by replacing the number of characters with the actual characters.




Below are a few examples to illustrate the use of binascii.rledecode_hqx.

import binascii

# data in compressed format
# there is '\x90\x' after o.
# this is followed by a 07.
# This means there are a total of 7 o's
data = b'Hello\x90\x07W\x90\x06orld\x90\x04'

# perform the decoding of data
decompressed = binascii.rledecode_hqx(data)

# another example
data = b'Hi\x90\x04 Hello\x90\x04'

decompressed = binascii.rledecode_hqx(data)




Sarvech Qadir
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