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What is Buffer.writeDoubleBE() method in Node.js?

Umme Ammara

Endianness defines the order of the sequence of multibyte data types (int, float, etc.) stored in the computer memory.

  • In little-endian, the last byte of the binary representation of the multibyte data type is stored first.

  • In big-endian, the first byte of the binary representation of the multibyte data type is stored first.

The Buffer.writeDoubleBE() writes a big-endian double value to a buffer at a specified offset.


The Buffer.writeDoubleBE() method is defined as follows:


The method takes up to two parameters:

  • value - this is the 4-byte floating-point number to be written to the buffer. If the value is not a valid 64 bits big-endian number, the behavior is undefined.

  • offset - the number of bytes to skip before starting the write. The default value of offset is 0.

offset is an optional parameter. The offset must satisfy the condition: 0 <= offset <= Buffer.lengthreturns the number of bytes in the buffer - 8.

Return value

The Buffer.writeDoubleBE() method returns the sum of the offset and the number of written bytes.


The code below shows the use of the Buffer.writeDoubleBE() method. We allocate an 8-byte buffer and write the value 123.123 at offset 0. We then display the buffer.

//Allocate 8 bytes buffer
const buf = Buffer.allocUnsafe(8);

//Write 123.123 to buffer at offset 0
buf.writeDoubleBE(123.123, 0);

//Display buffer


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Umme Ammara
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