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What is build validation testing?

Behzad Ahmad

Build validation testing is a type of testing technique in which we perform some tests on a new build system to ensure that the system is testable before it is released to the independent testing team.

This is usually a short set of steps that only tests the mainstream functionalities of the system. We usually do this by using automation.

It is also known as build acceptance testing and smoke testing.

Process of build validation testing

  • These tests should only be executed when the new build is received.

  • After every time the build is tested, the results are analyzed and compared.

  • If some failure is observed, then the results are sent to the development team.

  • The development team should analyze and fix the bugs.

  • When the bugs are fixed, a new build is created and we apply the test cases again.

  • If it is successful, then the build is passed to the testing team.

  • If it fails again, then the results are sent back to the development team for analysis.

Important points for writing test cases

  • We must always include the critical scenarios in the test cases.

  • Test cases must always contain the expected results, which are well defined.

  • The test cases must be kept short and simple because we only have to test the build, rather than the entire functionality of the system.

  • While writing test cases, you should also involve the developers.


  • With testing, we can have the most efficient possible system.

  • The testing team is less worried about the build failing.

  • They are automated processes, so no manual interference is required.


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Behzad Ahmad
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