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What is "cast from integer to pointer of different size" warning?

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​Warnings are issued when the compiler compiles the code and finds something unusual that should be brought to the attention of the programmer.

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The compiler issues the “cast from integer to pointer of different size” warning whenever the value of an integer is converted to a pointer, especially when the memory allocated to a pointer is smaller than the memory allocated to an integer data type. For example, if the pointers in a system are stored in 16 bits, but integers are stored in 8 bits, a total of 8 bits would be lost in the given conversion. Hence, a warning is ​issued.​

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Data is lost upon conversion from a larger number (int) to a smaller number (pointer).


The following code shows this conversion:

int data = 999; // the integer  
int* pointer =  &data; // the pointer

pointer = data; // the conversion


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