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What is Circle CI Github?

Tarun Telang


Circle CI is a continuous integration service for Github. It automates the testing of software patches before they are committed to source control.

If tests fail, an alert will be raised. The patch cannot be committed until it is fixed. This allows for work to be iterated quickly and efficiently, without worrying about bad build merges.

Circle CI works by reading the commitsa ‘commit’ is an attempt to commit source control within a pull request and runs tests on them for each branch used in the pull request. If any tests fail, the pull request cannot be merged.

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Benefits of Circle CI Github

  • Ensures good build merges
  • Ensures all tests are run
  • Commits are only merged if the tests pass
  • Allows for easy debugging by inspecting the failed test results
  • Prevents bad code from being merged into source control

Circle CI and YAML

Circle CI uses a domain-specific language based on the YAML format. Most of Circle CI’s functionality is contained within the YAML files, so it is essential to learn this format before working with this continuous integration tool.

If you want to thoroughly learn YAML, there’s no better way than to take the course: Learn YAML from Scratch.


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