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What is Cloud networking?

Sarvech Qadir

Summary of Cloud networking

  1. Cloud networking uses the cloud to manage and direct traffic traversing a wide area network (WAN).
  2. It is based on cloud computing, where centralized compute resources are shared among users.
  3. Cloud networking, technology, connectivity, security, management, and control are all cloud-based and offered as services.

Cloud networking

A cloud network is when some or all of an organization’s networking resources are hosted in the cloud(either public or private). The entire technology is based on cloud computing, where resources are centralized for easy user access.

Cloud networking relies on a good internet network and reliable WAN. Improved internet access and more reliable WAN bandwidth has made it easy to push more networking management functions into the cloud. The introduction of WAN has allowed for a large increase in cloud computing services.

A product provides certain services such as centralized management, visibility, and certain controls of the network like management of wireless access routers and branch-office devices using centralized management of the cloud. One goal of the cloud is to manage secure private networks using Wide area network connections and a centralized management function that resides in the cloud service provider’s data center. Connectivity, security, management, and control are pushed to the cloud and delivered as a service.


Cloud and software-defined WAN

This technology is driven by SDN technologyGroups of networking switches and access devices can be virtualized and turned from proprietary hardware to software running on a white-box.. The switches and access devices are deployed over a wide area as shared, virtualized resources in an SD-WAN or cloud WAN.

The updates in cloud networking include installing fewer devices in office premises and including more routing and management functions as part of the cloud.

These services include:

  1. Branch office routers
  2. WAN optimization software
  3. Firewalls

This trend is broadening as a wider array of functions can be deployed using the cloud. The main goal is to free up services from being attached to specific hardware so that services can be deployed more quickly over a networking connection.


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