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What is col tag in HTML?

Hassaan Waqar

Th col tag in HTML is used to set properties entire columns instead of individual cells.

The col tag is placed inside the colgroup tag.

The colgroup tag is used to format a group of columns in a table.

The col tag also supports style attributes of CSS.

The illustration below shows how the col tag works in HTML:

How col tag works in HTML


The col tag is written inside the colgroup tag.

The syntax of col tag is as follows:

<col attribute = value>

We open the tags using the <> symbol. The keyword col and related attributes come within.


Style attributes can be placed within the col tag. Some prominent ones are listed below:

Attribute Purpose
span Used to indicate the number of consecutive columns to apply the specified properties on. By default, the value is 1.
background-color Changes the background color of the columns.
width Changes the width of the column. Value in pixels
height Changes the height of the column. Value in pixels


The code snippet below shows how we can use the col tag in HTML:

  • HTML

The col and colgroup tags are part of the table tag in HTML.

The col tag comes inside the colgroup tag.

CSS style attributes can be used inside the col tag.

span applies style attributes to the number of columns specified. In our case, we styled the first two columns together.

We can also style a single column. In that case, we need not specify a value for span. Instead, it chooses 1 by default. This is shown in the third column.

The width attribute adjusts the width of the column to the number of pixels specified. This is shown in the fourth column.

<tr>, <th> and <td> tags are used to place rows, headings and data respectively.




Hassaan Waqar
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