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What is compliance testing?

Abdul Monum
Compliance Testing

Compliance testing is a non-functional testing method that validates that the developed system complies/conforms to the software standards of their respective organization. Most IT and software companies follow the standards set by large organizations such as IEEE, W3C, or ETSI. Compliance testing is performed by experts in their respective organizations or a third-party organization that specializes in this form of testing.


Compliance testing ensures that the following objectives are met:

  • Development of software in each phase of the development cycle is performed in accordance with the software standard being followed.
  • Ensure proper implementation of software specifications.

How compliance testing is performed

  • Standards, guidelines, and procedures are documented before each deliverable phase of the development lifecycle.
  • Tests are written according to each individual requirement of the standard. After each phase, these tests are performed on the deliverables to identify the modules and components that do not comply with the standards.
  • The list of non-compliant modules and components is provided to the project team to be corrected.
  • Once changes to those modules have been made, this process is repeated until the testing deems that the module is compliant.


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Abdul Monum
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