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What is concurrency testing?

Umme Ammara

Concurrency testing is a type of software testing that checks the performance of software when multiple users are logged in and perform actions simultaneously. Hence, it is also referred to as multi-user testing.

Concurrency testing is challenging to conduct compared to sequential testing, due to the following three problems:

  • synchronization problems

  • non-determinism

  • time-related defects difficult to detect

Concurrency testing mainly monitors the system for deadlocking, locking, and single-threaded code.

Concurrent testing methods

Some common methods for performing concurrency testing include the following:

  • Fuzz Test: The tester inserts incorrect random data and monitors the system’s response.

  • Random Test: Multiple strands are tested simultaneously by randomizing the test inputs.

  • Code Review: The testers verify the code and its structures.

  • Static Analysis: The tester checks the coding system before the code’s execution.


Some benefits of concurrency testing include the following:


Some drawbacks of concurrency testing include the following:


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Umme Ammara
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