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What is control flow testing?

Behzad Ahmad

Control flow testing is a form of white-box testing where the implementation of the code is known to the tester. The development team often performs control flow testing. This process determines and observes the execution paths of a program in a structured way. We use this technique to develop the test cases.

We determine the different flows of the program before developing test cases for each case, which are then tested. This testing technique is mostly used in unit testing.

Some of the notations of program control flow are listed below:



Control flow graph

We can create the graph manually or with the help of software from the given source code.

Coverage target

Here, we include the nodes, edges, paths, branches, etc.

Test case creation

We create test cases with the help of control flow graphs whose purpose is to cover the defined coverage target.

Test case execution

We create and execute the test cases.

Analysis of results

In the end, we analyze the results to make sure that the system is error-free.


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Behzad Ahmad
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