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What is conversion testing?

Muhammad Ashir

Conversion testing is a testing technique that measures the effects of changing a website’s components. Conversion testing helps us figure out whether making certain changes to a website helps increase the conversion rate of the website. These changes can be made to any part of the website, such as the background image, the button placement, or the images shown on the page.

The first step: making a hypothesis

The first step in conversion testing is to make a hypothesis. For example, you can make a hypothesis that changing the background color of the website will increase the conversion rate.

Making an initial hypothesisor null hypothesis helps us understand whether the effects of the changes made are statistically significant. In other words, we want to make sure that the effects caused by the changes are not just a happy coincidence.

The last thing making a hypothesis does is define the objectives against which the testing will be done.

It is also important to remember that it is advisable to keep the number of variables as minimal as possible for any tests. Ideally, you will only test against one variable. This ensures that you know that any changes in the conversion rate are caused by that variable only.

A/B testing

A/B testing is a simple test where we create two versions of something and then randomly assign them to users without telling them which version they have. This way, we can really compare the effects of change we introduce in the system and pick the one that works better.

The great thing about A/B testing is that it accounts for all other factors by default because the only thing that differs between the two samples is the variable we are testing for.


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Muhammad Ashir
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