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What is HTTP?

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A protocol standardizes communication over the internet. The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is used to transfer resources (e.g., HTML files, audio files, images, etc.) between a client and a server. A client is a machine that initiates the communication, and a server is a machine that needs to be contacted. HTTP runs over TCP.

HTTP is a stateless protocol; each request must contain all the required information to fulfill the request. The server does not maintain information from prior client requests.

A simple HTTP request

An HTTP request and response follow a particular format:

  • request or response line
  • header
  • a blank line
  • an optional message body (e.g., a file)

In the following illustration, a client requests a server for index.html; the request line from the client is shown, and the server sends a response line along with the requested resource.

svg viewer
A client requesting index.html from the server.

Non-persistent vs. persistent HTTP connections


TCP connections are closed after each request and response. So, for each request, a new TCP connection is opened. For example, to retrieve a web page with three images (and one base file), four TCP connections have to be opened and closed. Remember that opening TCP connections does have considerable overhead.


Multiple requests and responses can be sent over a single TCP connection. This reduces the overhead of repeatedly creating and closing TCP connections.


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