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What is the method in JavaScript?


If you wish to send a user to another webpage in HTML, you need to add that page’s url to the html anchor tag <a> href attribute. You also need to add the target if you want that link to be opened in a new browser window.

In JavaScript, you can do the same thing using the method.

The JavaScript option is useful, even though we can achieve this task with HTML as well. Sometimes, for example, we may need to redirect to a page in our JavaScript code.


This class is used to open a new browser window.

The general syntax is described below.



All parameters of this method are optional. If none is specified, the method will open a new blank browser window.

  • URL: The URL parameter specifies the URL that will be opened in the new window. If no URL is indicated, a blank browser window will be opened.

  • name: The name parameter is like the target attribute. It will specify if you want the new window to be one of the following:

    1. A new blank one: _blank will be used.
    2. To be loaded into the parent frame use _parent.
    3. Replace the current page use _self.
    4. Others like _top and the name which you will give the page in case you need to access it.
  • Specs: You can specify other edits you wish to give to this new window, like its mode, size, if it can be resized, toolbar and menu bar edits, etc.

Another parameter not listed is the replace parameter. This parameter is not supported any longer by browsers.

The options provided by this method might act differently on different browsers.


In the code below we can see the method used in various ways.

//no parameter to the method, no problems still works
var firstWindow =;
//gives size to the new window with no url specified
var secondWindow ="", "", "width=200,height=100");
//this specified the name parameter as well
var thirdWindow ="", "NEWWindow", "width=200,height=100");
// All parameter are specified over here
var fourthWindow ="", "_blank", "toolbar=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,top=500,left=500,width=400,height=400");
// using the document.write method to write to the new window
firstWindow.document.write("<p>This is 'firstwindow'. I am 200px wide and 100px tall!</p>");



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